Book 2 is free

Although I’m still in the process of refining it, I’ve decided that Spacetime book 2 will be the start of a parallel series to the main plot. Mostly it’ll be supernatural mysteries solved by Carda’s friend/rival, Indal the chronomancer werewolf.

I’ll offer Indal’s books for free until I get a fanbase built up (at least the first three books). That’ll build interest in the published series and Storm Chase. Hopefully both series will cross-pollinate readers.


– NetRaptor

Welcome... to a world of modern fantasy.

Book 1 of The Spacetime Legacy:
Storm Chase

In our world, magic is kept secret. But sometimes it’s hard to keep a secret so explosive as fire and lightning, so fundamental as time and space.

Time mages are chronomancers. Space mages are striders. They don’t get along very well. But there is always one Strider of Chronos—a mage with both time and space powers—who serves to unite these factions while defending the worlds from those who would destroy them.

Yet there are powers in the universe mightier than the Strider of Chronos. Ancient powers, chained in darkness centuries ago. One of them is determined to escape, and she carries a deathless hatred for the entire Strider of Chronos line…

Book 2 of The Spacetime Legacy:
Chronocrime (read for free!)

Indal is a chronomancer living in Phoenix, Arizona. When his body is magically spliced with that of a werewolf, the authorities are forced to exile him a thousand years in the past.

After living wild for six months, Indal is losing his humanity. But the Strider of Chronos, most powerful mage of their generation, needs his help. The mage’s own corpse has appeared, heralding his imminent doom, and only Indal can unravel the tangled timeline before it’s too late.

To make matters worse, Indal discovers that his werewolf condition will lead to the death of his girlfriend. His love for her has helped him cling to sanity, but he must end the relationship to keep her safe… and it may cost him everything.

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